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Once you are interested to try blogging, there are two main options that you need to decide on concerning the hosting and control of your blog. These are the hosted and the self-hosted manner of blog operation from WordPress. As of this time, WordPress is offering its free services which the most reliable and trusted publishing application. WordPress is present in order to provide you with easy and efficient construction of blog without taking out any cent from your pocket. Before you will establish your blog, it is important that you decide the manner of hosting you probably need for your soon to be blog. Vs Vs

First, you have to know some of the benefits and disadvantages of hosted WordPress. This type of hosting service is offered for free. There is no need to pay any amount of money especially in terms of registering for your domain name. Aside from that, hosted WordPress also comes with automatic updating features. In the event that there are new features present, you will be updated easily. The set-up is very easy to use. What you just need to do is to come up with your account, select your domain and you are already ready to begin blogging. Conversely, one of its disadvantages is no income generation. Hosted WordPress will not allow you to have your blog monetized. There is also domain limitation. Aside from that, there is also limited storage space. The design is also limited which is a common problem in bloggers who want to personalize their blog.

Now that you have learned some of the advantages and disadvantages of hosted WordPress, it is now the time for you to know the aces and flaws of self-hosted WordPress. First in its aces is its ability to provide you with chances to earn revenue. Using this kind of hosting service, you can sell your products as well as earn money from promoting the product of the other people. Moreover, there is no limit when it comes to the design templates. You can select from countless design options and even come up with customized blog. Additionally, you have full control of your page. This will certainly help you create a blog which is distinct from the others. There is also excellent SEO in self-hosted WordPress. This is due to the fact that WordPress is search engine friendly and this will allow every page on your blog to be indexed. However, this type of hosting is somehow difficult to set up. There is a need for you to download as well as install WordPress. Updating is also difficult in this hosting service. There is also a need for you to pay some sort of money in self-hosted WordPress.

Now that you have learned some of the positives and negatives of these blogging hosting services from WordPress, you surely have in mind the exact type which you want to try. It is important that you will examine the pros and cons of these hosting services so that you can come up with the right decision in the future.

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