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Screencast for Android is one and only application available in Google Play store which provides the facility to record your android screen. you might have came across many Windows (Computer) software which provides the facility to record your screen. the use of this type of software is to provide video tutorials to the readers and to the other people out there. many android app reviewer needs this type of app to record the Android screen so that they can provide the video related to it and the readers can get the idea of what the application is and how it works?

Screencast For Android

Screencast For Android

Screencast For Android : Screen Recording Application For Android

Personally i liked this app because i am into field where i have to write reviews regarding many different-different android applications so with the help of screencast i can directly record the whole operation of that app so that the readers can come to know that how this app looks, how it works and other general things.

There are total 4 section out there in screencast Home, Gallery, Encoding Score and Settings. i will explain you in each and every section and what is the use of it.

1) Home Tab : 

This is the main screen come when you open the app. only one thing is there and that is the Start and Stop recording button. when you want to start the recording then just press the button and it will start recording and same things applies for stop also. or else you can stop the recording by just  pressing the button in the navigation bar when the recording is going on.

Screencast Menu and Home Screen

Screencast Menu and Home Screen

2) Gallery Tab :

This part contains the files/video files which you have recorded earlier and saved it in your device. it will just show you how many files and there and you can play it directly from there only.

See the image below to get more idea regarding this :

Screencast Gallery and Encoding Option

Screencast Gallery and Encoding Option

3) Encoding Score :

Here you can set the benchmark and and set your best encoding score and later on you can compare it.

4) Settings Tab :

The most important part of the application is Settings. here there are two types of settings options :

  1. Video Setting.
  2. Screenshot Settings.

Video settings include the options like which type of video resolution you want to set high/normal, Frames per second, timelapse, touch point type, Default file name and etc. the main part is that whether you want to record Audio or not, if you want then just check mark on it.

Screenshot includes option like file type, file name, append date to file name and other basic settings. see the below screenshot regarding this settings options :

Screencast Settings Options

Screencast Settings Options

Screencast For Android Video Demo :

To help you understanding more i have created a sample video on how it works and how it looks. so check that out and do letm e know by commenting below.

Final Verdict By Geeky Gyaan :

For me this is the best screen recording app available for Android Devices and specially for those who are in to a filed like reviewing android application on day to day.  along with screen recording option it also provides the screenshot option so that you can capture the necessary screenshot also while recording the video or other time.

This application comes in two type, one is the trial version which only allows you to record for 15 seconds but if you need more then go for the paid version and which is ultimate according to me and i am sure it’s worthy enough. see the below part i have provided the download options.

  • Screencast Free Version :

Google Play Direct Download Link : Screencast For Android.

QR Code :

Screencast For Android Free Version

  • Screencast Paid Version (Recommended) :

Google Play Direct Download Link : Screencast For Android.

QR Code :

Screencast For Android Paid Version