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BigRock Add Blogger

You will find many tutorials and advice and articles related to switch to Custom Domain name for your your blogspot blog and i completely agree with that, it has many advantages so you should opt for that and my personal favorite is “BigRock” its very good domain name registrar and my domain name is registered there only. you can get your domain name at Rs 85/- only its the lowest price so why not to  go for that but sometimes you will find difficult to configure your newly purchased domain name but not to worry this tutorial will explain you how can you add BigRock (or any other also) domain name to you blogger blog, so let’s start with the tutorials.



How To Add Domain Name To Blogger?

Note : Its assumed that you have already purchased the domain name.

  • First login to you account (
  • Click on Domains and then click on List all orders.
  • Select you domain name.
  • Than from the menu tab click on “DNS”.


  • Now click on Manage DNS.
  • Now basically you have to add two records to your DNS records (CName and A Records).
  • Now click on “Add A Record”.
  • Now in Name field leave it blank.
  • In destination IPV4 address put this value “” (without quotes).

A Record

  • Now click on add Cname record.
  • In Name field enter “www”.
  • In Value enter “”.


  • And click ok or what ever may be the option there.

That’s it you are done with modifying your DNS record now you have to add your domain name to blogger.

  • So go to your blogger account.
  • Go to  Setting >> Publishing.
  • Now click on Custom Domain option.
  • Click on Switch to advance setting.
  • enter your domain name as : www.yourdomain .com.
  • insert verification code.
  • now check mark on “Redirect to”.

That’s it you are done with your custom domain.

Important Note : It will take some time for domain name to work as