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CommentLuv Premium is a great plugin for every blog because it provides lots of features and has so many in-build plugin like G.A.S.P and many other so you did not need to install this plugin separately. i will review it later on in another post mainly for it. this post is specially for blogger who want to find CommentLuv premium blogs around the internet. the developer of this plugin i.e Andy Bailey has developed a special search engine powered by google to find only CommentLuv and CommentLuv Premium enable blogs. want to know how to find it that read out this post and you will come to know about it.

CommentLuv Premium How To: Find CommentLuv Premium Enabled Blogs?

CommentLuv Premium

How To Find CommentLuv Premium Blog :

For every blogger its dream to get high quality traffic to their blog and this can be done by the way of so many steps like on-page and off-page SEO and there are couple of tricks also to do the same and one of them is Link-Building. it will provide you the quality backlinks to your blog and chances are there to get good Google Page Rank due to this only. so bloggers are in need of CommentLuv enable blog so they can find that blog and comment there. but how to find this type of CommentLuv Enable blog? is the main question. but let me tell you on thing not any more.

Go to CommentLuv Search Engine and find the blog which suites your niche and from where you wan to get link back. for example i am running a Giveaway of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2012 so i will be interested in finding the blog with the same niche so just need to enter the keyword giveaway in the box and it will list out the post of the giveaway. i will comment there and get traffic and well as a backlink this will help me also. so if  you also need to try it out than follow the below mentioned steps :

  • Visit the CommentLuv Search Engine.
  • You will see a lock box there, its just that you should be in the mailing list of them and its quite good to be in that so just provide your Email ID and sign up for newsletters.
  • After that you will able to access the search engine.
CommentLuv Search Engine How To: Find CommentLuv Premium Enabled Blogs?

CommentLuv Search Engine

  • Just type the keyword and the provided box and that’s it you are on your way to find out the best possible sites.
CommentLuv Search Engine Result How To: Find CommentLuv Premium Enabled Blogs?

CommentLuv Search Engine Result

So isn’t it great tool to have and to find the CommentLuv Enable Blog to get good backlink to your site and increase your PR as well as Traffic.

So what are you waiting for try it now and do let us know whether it was helpful or not. if you have any suggestion or problem with this post do leave a comment below we will surely help you out.

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